Friday, June 02, 2006

Flywheel by Road Champs

This is a cool toy. Simple, fast, easy to operate, and requires no batteries and it is inexpensive. My co-worker's grandson brought one out to the shop one day and I was hooked. The wheel twists onto the handle, the rip cord launcher pokes through the handle. Pull the launcher the wheel flies off. That's it. Go get it-- repeat. Of course you are not to aim at people or animals, always use it outside, and small pieces could cause choking.

The one I bought looks just like this picture, we had fun with it while the grandsons were here. We played with it in the house and at the park where I aimed it toward squirrel, but no one choked on anything.

The squirrel was fascinated by the wheel. It landed about 4 feet from him. He went over to it and looked down at it then stood there checking it out for a little while.


Jason Hill said...

That made me chuckle. How funny would it have been if the squirrel had picked up your wheel and carried it up a tree? I can just see Grif's face: Hey!

tabelzey said...

The mention of squirrel sent my imagination soaring where Carol has the mighty wheel lets it soar and pop it hits the squirrel and the squirrel was no more....that's what I thought you were going to put but alas seeing how the squirrel interacted with the wheel is just as funny.