Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Traditions to Hand Down

In the early years our family moved often and traditions become flexible as settings change. If something happened more than once, it became a family tradition, but could be just as easily dropped from practice. When we quit moving around the Midwest some rituals were repeated more often and firmly established themselves as a Hill family tradition.

Handprints on the wall is one of the newer commemorations. Grandchildren leave an imprint painted on the wall, memorable events of that visit are later written next to the hand pattern. Adam left his first mark this week, he wasn't a willing participant. Griffin is getting to be an old hand at it and each time you can see growth. The text will include the climbing wall and tractors


Lori Ann said...

What a great idea. It is easy to write thoughts and happenings next to the sweet prints!
Wow, Griffin looks like he has little fear!

Jason Hill said...

I think my nephews have the best grand-parents ever! Thanks for sharing the photos. Makes me ache to see you all.