Sunday, September 19, 2010

Meeteetse Museum

We visited a wonderful museum in Meeteetse Wyoming. They had on display mostly what you would expect to see in a rural western town’s museum. There were old farm and ranch equipment, forestry tools and historic firearms.

They had some of the exhibits
organized into rooms, like the
parlor and the kitchen.

They had old furniture and a collection of North American wild sheep.

But this I did not expect to see. In the back of the
place, across from the wild sheep stood an armless
mannequin wearing a security guard shirt.
No pants, just the shirt. Security in Meeteetse must not require all that much, just a dummy with a shirt!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Smile, or Else!

Nabisco is running a back-to-school promotion. The grocery store display holds their snack crackers and the text advises us to "Pack a Smile"

The display itself tells another story. This image is a very angry bus, the top lights (eyes) flash red, it appears to have frowning eyebrows and the down-turned "mouth" looks to be saying "touch my crackers and I'll run you over".

I would rather buy my munchies from a more friendly bus. Keebler says "grab your snack supplies," and their image says welcome, let's be friends!