Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Ice Station

You will never, ever, ever guess what I put in my freezer tonight. Well, you might guess if you know that I go to Cody on Tuesdays and that I sometimes pick up and deliver things for my work.

It would also help to know that the lady I work for makes rugs for a taxidermist. Quite often I deliver bear-skin rugs, but tonight I picked up a different type of hide. This one was wet so that It can be stretched before it is rugged. She does the stretching too. The taxidermist wraps the wet skin in plastic and freezes it so it will keep till it is stretched.

So right there in the center shelf of my freezer on top of the beef is a package of zebra. Next week it will be a nice rug and the beef will be dinner.

Not long ago she did a musk ox. It was all stretched and ready to go when it came to us. We get the mount before it is touched up, this one still has tissue in his nose to hold its shape.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Lost Mountain Lion

There was excitement in Powell Sunday morning. This guy was in a tree about 3 blocks from our house.http://powelltribune.com/index.php/content/view/1054/2/