Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Rock Around the Clock

The Yellowstone Harmony barbershop show is history. It went quite well. We featured several songs from the 50's.

The Pink Ladies entertained in their new poodle skirts.

After the show, singers and friends continued with the traditional Afterglow; a cast party where each group is invited to sing again. The Pink Ladies worked up a song just for this time, a special version of "Old McDonald Had a Farm". The inhabitants of
his farm are:

A lisping snake, with a hith, hith here, there, and everywhere
A stuttering cow, with a mmmoo, mmoo
A dyslexic sheep, with a aab, aaab
An asthmatic duck, with a quwheezeack, quwheezeack
A narcoleptic pig, with a oinkzzzz, oinkzzzzz
A whiney horse, with a moaning neigh, whiney neigh

Each of us represented our own creature donning an appropriate costume. Previous animals repeated their sounds with the introduction of each new noise. By the time we presented the dyslexic sheep, the audience was standing and overwhelmed with laughter. We finished to a roaring standing ovation.

We have a concert in the park coming up next month. We will sing it again.


Lori Ann said...

I just laughed reading the lyrics.
That was funny.

tabelzey said...

I can only wait to see the hats/faces you have with the song;)

Anonymous said...

That's a terrific song! Did you guys write it yourselves?

Carol said...

No we didn't write this ourselves, we heard another group sing it. They were a quartet, so we added the duck and horse.