Thursday, June 15, 2006

Make over
When these booths came to us a couple weeks ago they were blue with the back inset Burgundy. They are now ready to go into a new place in Powell, Joey's.
There are 3 double booths and 2 singles. I finished the last one this afternoon. While I was doing booths, Sandi has been working on tall chairs.
Monday, Boone, the owner of Joey's is coming to pick up the booths and chairs and bring us 20 more chairs. Both of us will be working on those chairs. Boone plans to open Joey's June 30th.


Anonymous said...

Those look terrific! Perhaps I'll have to stop in at Joey's just to check out the seating.

tabelzey said...

hmmm....interesting colors but they don't look overly bad like i was picturing in my mind.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, as I was re-reading that: the owner of Joey's is named Boone? Now that's different.

Carol said...

The manager's name is Joey, though. Maybe they thought that Boone's would give it too much of a mountian man feel.