Sunday, March 19, 2006

Mmmm Mmmm Good!

It is the middle of March and everyone knows what that means, right!
No, basketball is not the answer I had in mind.
Corned Beef sandwiches!! Not just corned beef sandwiches, but Reuben sandwiches.

The Reuben, as I fix it, is sliced corned beef topped with Swiss cheese on rye bread. This is grilled to a toasty brown. Then sauerkraut and mustard are added.

Now is the time for this delicious repast because St. Patrick's day is when you can buy corned beef in my community. I bought mine late in the day so was not able to pick the quality I usually do. I buy the meat sealed in plastic with a packet of cooking spices. I look for a piece of meat that has a nice even thin slab of fat running through it. There is always fat, it is part of the flavor. The ones I found were unevenly shaped and the fat sort of meandered around everywhere. I still took 2 home and gave them 50 minutes in the pressure cooker. I always trim the fat off before serving.

This is wonderful accompanied by dill pickles and potato chips.

My family enjoys sauerkraut on other sandwiches too. One of my sons dubbed the turkey with sauerkraut the Simeon sandwich. It is about as good as the turkey cranberry sandwich, but that is another post.


Jason Hill said...

Oh, that sounds good.

So is the meat you buy already cured? Or is it just meat that you fix with the seasonings to make a corned beef?

I think I read the other day that corned beef is made from the same cut we use for smoked brisket. But there is a cut that has a layer of fat and one that doesn't. I'm starting to think one of the problems I had when I smoked that one at Blake's was I didn't get a cut with enough fat.

Anyway, happy eating!

Carol said...

I buy corned beef already cured. You take it out of its package and boil it with the seasoning packet. It is made from the brisket. Corned means it has been cured in brine. Many years ago chunks of salt about the size of corn kernels were used to preserve the meat, thus "corning". I have read about curing it myself and it is something like a 2 week process. Maybe back in my younger days that would have sounded interesting.

tabelzey said...

hmm...that sounds interesting. after reading your description of the reuben my mind wanders off to the rice kripy sandwiches with ham, turkey, and cheese metled all together with the devine dipping sauche (though I don't eat) of rasberry and strawberry tops it off along with some pringles, cottage cheese, and friends.

Sherrill said...

What a yummy looking sandwich - hummm a good idea for supper!