Sunday, March 12, 2006

Kitchen gadgets
Pet food cans
Hungry doggies
Aging hands
Missy and Lady are American Eskimo dogs. They have been living with us for 14 years.
A few years ago I started feeding them canned food. I have this very useful electric can opener that I dedicated to dog food cans. It made the job easy.
Well, the can makers tried to simplify my life and added a pull tab to dog food cans. My handy dandy kitchen gadget doesn't work now.
Pampered Chef to the rescue. They make a device that fits over the pull tab, pops it up and twists the lid off eliminating broken fingernails.
The can manufacturers must have found out because they made the pop top ring larger and it will not fit into the slot on the opener. So I have been using the stiff finger broken fingernail method of can opening for weeks.
As I was taking pictures and planning this blog entry, I noticed that the new cans have the smaller rings and fit into my opener. I cross my aging fingers and hope the cans stay that way.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. From my experience, those "convenient" pop-top lids are just about anything but convenient...

Jason Hill said...
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Jason Hill said...

Missy: Hey, its dinnertime.

Lady: No it's not, I don't hear the can-opener.

Missy: Just listen for the just-dodged-a-broken-finger-nail sigh of relief.

Lady (contentedly): I like dinnertime.

tabelzey said...

I don't think I ever had the opportunity to use that handy dandy pop-top lids **SIGH** ;)

Anonymous said...

Do you have Pampered Chef's regular can opener? It's so fancy that take the lid off a can completely avoiding the pull-tab lid.

Here's hoping the pull-tabs don't change!


Carol said...

There is a Pampered Chef item I don't have. Is that the one that takes off the lid and rim? Do you have it?

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that this Pampered Chef item has eluded you!

It is the one that takes the rim and lid off. I have it and am quite happy with it. It's not as handy as an electric opener but it is still impressive.