Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I am stumped

I had a link to a story in my previous blog. When I click on "story" I get an error message. I have been trying to fix this. When I edit that post, I highlight "story" and click the link button. I had coppied the URL for the site I wanted, inserted it appropriately and published the post. When I go to my blog and click on "story" the URL I want to go to is added to my Blogger URL already in my window and that gives me a faulty address. So instead of this:
I get this:
Anyone have this problem?...........Jason,...................CJ


Anonymous said...

I thought I saw the link was busted. The blogger url must have just snuck in there somehow.

For me, it's working just fine now. If it happens again, I'd suggest just going into the "edit html" tab and just changing the code so it links good (maybe that's what you did!).

Carol said...

Thanks, CJ, the link is working tonight. I think my machine just threw a little tantrum last night.

Jason Hill said...

Its working for me too. Mystery solved?