Monday, June 09, 2008

Across the prairie

It is an 8 hour trip and carves an "S" right through the middle of Wyoming. The entire state is lush with bright green grass, purple and yellow flowers, and the ever-presant sage. All of the normally dry gullies have running water, the rivers are full and Glendo Reservoir is higher than we have ever seen it; the trees are flooded. The antelope play in belly-deep grass.

On the way home we stopped at a new restaurant in Casper. Actually, it is an old restaurant, Sandford's Bar and Grill, with a new location. So Sad! They open tomorrow, bummer.
The weekend was fabulous; family, food, and fun. We celebrated a birthday, BBQed ribs and brisket, watched our kids play an indoor soccor game, played in the park with grandsons, had a massage, worshiped with Discovery church, went out for sushi, flew a kite, and played Scrabble.
My back responded to the car ride and I have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow.

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