Monday, January 14, 2008

Venus de Jo-jo

Jo-jo helped me put a bustle in a wedding dress last week. This is the first time she has lended a hand. Well…Jo-jo has no arms so I guess she lended a body. Jo-jo is an adjustable dress form given to me by a friend nearly a year ago. She stood guard in the den for a long time. It took a while to get used to walking past the door and glimpsing a life-size human figure and wondering who was lurking there.
Dress forms help sewing enthusiasts fit garments to themselves or in this case hold the outfit so that it can be adjusted. Dressmakers have creatively used duct tape to make body doubles when they do a lot of sewing for themselves. I sew for a variety of shapes and sizes so I find the armless Jo-jo to be quite handy.


Anonymous said...

There's something very disquieting about life-size humanish things. I'm not so sure I would feel comfortable being alone in a room with Jo-jo - regardless of how helpful she is. :P

Lori Ann said...

well, for me I would end up using the duct tape to keep the garments together!
I have been reading that you will be in Portland in a week or so!

A former Pink Lady said...

Jo-Jo is a good thing! After all my middle name is Jo, after my mom who was Josephine but went by Jo. You could always dress Jo-jo but I don't know what you could use for a head - oh well. Hope she is a useful helper for you.

Carol said...

CJ's comment reminds me of the life-size cardboard car salesman that showed up in my college dorm. Throw open the shower curtain and there he was, very startling.
Yes Lori Ann, I am looking foreword to an exciting weekend. It would be nice to see you.
That is where Jo-Jo got her name, thanks FPL,

Lisa Harris said...

Thanks for passing on the Mozambique blog site. I'm looking forward to reading through it.

Love the pony! :-)