Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I do not keep up with current fashion. I mostly dress in jeans and t-shirts. Though I do own some nice dresses and jackets, usually dressing up means nicer jeans and t-shirt, maybe a vest. That was my attire recently as we waited for a connecting flight. We sat at the airport and watched people go by. My observation is that the "now" color is black or dark blue with a little bit of dark red thrown in. My shirt was a golden yellow that matched a hand-made vest; the only other person wearing that color was a Chinese Buddhist monk searching for his boarding gate.

Nope! I definately don't keep up with current fashion.

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Sherrill said...

I didn't have much of a daily wardrobe (except for fancy Eastern Star formals) after quitting work. However, one of my cousin's has lost (and continues to lose weight) so I have inherited quite a few clothes. Lucky for me and sure saved on money! Yellow is pretty :)