Monday, October 03, 2005

Summer is over, we brought the tomatoes in this afternoon. They are all separated, the red and turning ones are in a bucket. The green are in storage boxes in the cold room downstairs. My goal is to have ripened tomatoes for Thanksgiving dinner; it worked last year. If I get ambitious in the next day or two I will chop them with the jalapeƱos we picked and make salsa.


Lori Ann said...

How do you keep them for Thanksgiving? I have a bunch of green ones left. I would like to try that.
Lori CLark

Carol said...

Lori Ann,
For big tomatoes, I wrap them individually in newspaper and put them in a box, layered about 3 deep. Then set the box in a cool place. Since they are wrapped if one goes bad it doesn't spoil the rest. Put the greenest ones on the bottom, ripest on the top.
I have mostly cherry tomatoes now, I leave them on part of their vine and the whole thing is packed in a box. I check them often and use them as they ripen.