Sunday, October 09, 2005

I add a couple things to my schedule this week. On Thursday a friend and I begin a Community education class. We have been doing these for a couple years now. Our class is "Becoming a Love and Logic Parent This site has several articles to read if you click on the "article" tab. We have had classes with as many as 12 people and as few as 3. We present the same material, but each class is different. We get together Wednesday after church supper to go over our material. Our class runs for 6 weeks.
I am already busy with Yellowstone Harmony on Tuesday evenings. We are adding a couple Christmas songs to our repertoire. That will be great fun.
Some time during the week I work on sewing projects. I have cut back on what I let people bring to me, but I have several long-time clients that come regularly. I finished the last of those projects Yesterday!! Now on to Christmas sewing, the fun stuff.

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Lori Ann said...

I love the Love and Logic program. As a preschool teacher it is a great source to give to parents.I have attended a couple of the seminars and think nit is a great tool.