Sunday, January 18, 2009

Week Two

Saturday was beautiful for this time of year and we went to Jodi's for a ride on Jesse.
This week's game was Scrabble. I can't imagine playing that in a foreign language, Min Jeong knows many English words and catches on quickly. She went with me to rehearsal on Tuesday and watched the Pink Ladies rehearsing Shine Your Light and the chorus learning new songs. Church supper on Wednesday and Thursday night we watched Newsies.
She made a wonderful seafood, rice stew and another marinated beef dish. Tonight she used the rest of the package of frozen seafood to make seafood pancakes. These were served with a sauce made of a combination of pineapple, soy sauce and red pepper. We served carnitas for lunch and Johnny explained the meaning of Tex/Mex.

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Jason Hill said...

I'm enjoying the thought of explaining Tex/mex to a foreigner.

her: "So, its Mexican food that has been Americanized?"

dad: "Well, if you want to consider Texas part of America..."