Sunday, July 22, 2007

Blazes, birds and books

I have a few things to share and they are loosely connected, very loosely.
Tonight there was a beautiful deep red sunset. We get the most dramatic sunsets when there are fires in the Park, that would be Yellowstone National Park. The fire burning there now is known as the Owl fire and it is located in the Northwest section of the park.

A couple nights ago we sat on our back patio and watched an owl perched on the wires. When the owl is on the wire, the other birds chirp like crazy and even swoop down over him to drive him away. He sits unruffled by the commotion until he is ready to leave. Then he falls forward off the wire and opens his wings and glides away. Johnny could probably make a profound spiritual connection, but I just love to sit and watch the owl.

Okay, I said there was a very loose connection; our Harry Potter book came this weekend. Fortunately, we just picked up the new C.J. Box book at the library, so both of us have an interesting read. Harry Potter has a strong connection to owls, but C.J. box's new book takes us back to Yellowstone, It is set in the Park and titled Free Fire.

there, how is that for a nice tidy little packet of unrelated thoughts woven together.


Lori Ann said...

wow, your good Carol!

wyowoman said...

i just love how you wove these thoughts together ;)