Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Flood

Tuesday afternoon, the caller said there is water running out of your church building into the parking lot.
Lots of water. The pipe leading into the holding tank from the pump had been leaking, long enough to soak the entire auditorium and a few classrooms.
There aren't very many people available to move furniture in at 4:00 in the afternoon. Johnny, Tonya, and I moved the chairs to the back room, and cleared classrooms. Another family came and helped with the cradle roll room.
Johnny had called a cleaning service when he first saw the standing water and Glenn came to vacuum water out. He set fans and has been working on drying out the walls. The insurance adjustor looked at the damage today.
We canceled Wednesday night dinner and scheduled a work day for Saturday to put things back together.


Jason Hill said...

Yikes. Maybe a good time to tell the Noah story?

Or maybe someone offered the carpet in the auditorium as fleece? Question: was it dry outside?

Carol said...

The Noah story came to my mind too. It is amazing what just a little water can do. We were discussing this last night. This was the equivalent of leaving a hose on overnight. That can be pretty impressive. Imagine 40 days and 40 nights, Wow.

Anonymous said...

Crazy stuff indeed.

What's really funny is that our basement mini-flooded Thursday night. It didn't do much damage, but it gave us a good reason to throw out the old carpet in there.

Shannon said...

Wow Carol, that's incredible. I hope things are beginning to calm down at the church.. how are things going with cleaning up the aftermath?