Tuesday, January 09, 2007

This is the little fellow who got in the car tonight after singing practice.
I had put my tote bag and purse on the floor and he jumped right in. He didn't want to get back out. So naturally, the first thing I did was take photos!!
He was probablly looking for food, he was not at all afraid of me. He went from the front to the back seat of the car, but would not go out either door.
I tried to push him out with a pillow, He grabbed it, so I tried to coax him out with it, he didn't come.
He stepped on my tote bag and my pitch pipe went off and that scared him and he jumped out of the car. When my friends came out we were very careful not to let him back in, he was still close by.


Jason Hill said...


Who knew that your pitchpipe would have pest-repelling features?

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's crazy!!

At least you were able to get a sweet photo out of the deal.

KMiV said...

hey it's ricky racoon!

now you could write a children's story to go along with the picture!

you are the QUEEN!!


wyowoman said...

haha - the Wildlife of Wyoming ;)

Carol said...
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Carol said...

I think "ricky" here is more wyoming Partylife, than wildlife!
The woman mentioned
here with the iron pipe obviously doesn't know about the power of the pitch pipe.
Thanks for the "sweet comment" CJ

Dawn said...

You are a brave soul...I do not think I would have reached for the camera in this instance!
Thanks for stopping in and introducing yourself!
Please come back very soon!

sherrill said...

I am on line and this is the first web site I went to. He is cute!