Thursday, November 16, 2006

I came across a comment that we only have one word for snow. One of C.J, Box's books, Winterkill, I think, debates that and gives a list of words. The ones I remember are powder and slush. Anyone have other words that we use for the mantle of white?
I can think of many adjectives, drifting, blinding, gentle, sparkling, deep. I have driven in a whiteout that was probably a blizzard and shoveled 3 or 4 inches of what the weatherman called partly cloudy.


Jason Hill said...

Sometimes fluff. When we ride snowboards we call it pow. When it gets pebbly from melt-freeze cycles in the spring and summer we call it corn. Loose snow that trails riders is called sluff. When it gets hard, but is not quite ice we call it crust or Firnspeigel if you are fancy. When the wind piles it over the edge of a cliff it is a cornice. Graupel is the Styrofoam-ball type that stings your face. Depth Hoar is the stuff that looks like sparkly, larger grained, sometimes cup-shaped facets that is formed by large temperature gradients between the warm ground and cold snow surface. Surface Hoar is another name for frost.

Out here where it will often get warm and then refreeze we call it concrete or Cascade Redi-Mix.

I like to call it white-stuff when I'm feeling lazy.

(Yes, I had to get out my avalanche book for some of these names. Avalanche, btw, is what we call it when it comes down the slope fast.)

Carol said...

I like Firnspeigel,Graupel, and Cascade Redi-Mix.
There are also things made with snow, snowman, snowfort, snow angel, and snowball. Snowball can be used as a noun or a verb.
There are things made to deal with snow like snow shovel and snowplow