Sunday, September 10, 2006

The inconsistent blogger returns.

My car and sunglasses have been restored to their rightful place, they came back with a whopping bill for replaced seals and a timing belt.

I am 8 lessons into a 12 lesson writing for children class, hoping to learn how to publish a manuscript.

Johnny blogged about our Labor Day drive. We hiked along the Clark's Fork of the Yellowstone River. There is a place where the river has sculpted the granite into sleek curves. Our friend is peering into a round hole that tunnels all the way through the rock.
The hole reminds me of looking into someone's ear!

There is a wonderfully serene waterfall above the rocks. It is a small waterfall that you can step across at the top. In the bushes above the cascade there are delicate spider webs.

This month at work, I am covering workout equipment from the local college and exam tables from the hospital.

Last week I called up an old skill and helped a friend pack all of her dishes, crystal, and glassware. Today we moved it and carried several boxes up 13 stairs. Whew!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are busy!

Those are some pretty awesome photos. Makes me want to go hiking.

Lori Ann said...

Wyoming has so many beautiful shapes and forms. Even the long haul across the bottom of the state is beautiful. Glad you had a great hike!

tabelzey said...

That place looks familiar!! Those are sweet pictures-and the guy looks really familiar ;) Hope you are doing good.