Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tonya and I have been walking 3 miles about 3 times a week. I just came in from today's walk. It is very windy otherwise a nice day. The walk felt good I can't imagine 18 miles and more like Jason does!
Practice last night. We are hammering home the show songs. One month to go. A song I wrote will be featured in the show as a tribute to Sylvia.
Nancy and I go over our class material tonight, tomorrow is the 5th class on our parenting series.
I finished the book I was reading, Eldest. I am excited for the next book, Inheritance, the third in the trilogy.
When we are both home in the evening we have been watching the first season of 24, definately a cliff hanger!


tabelzey said...

Yay for walking!! That is awesome that you are doing a song for Sylvia. I hope I get to see you May 13 when you perform-depending where it is.

Jason Hill said...

Have you never seen that season of 24? It is definitely my favorite. The end is one of the boldest things I have seen on television. And the best thing about having it on DVD is that you can watch a cliff-hanger and then just cue up the next episode.

Carol said...

We have never watched 24 before. We get the DVDs from Netflix, there are 4 "hours" on each one. We are up to 6 PM.