Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Plaid Project

I shipped these chairs back to their home in Montana this week. I spent several days recovering them and getting all the stripes to match.


Lori Ann said...

Nice work! I think those would look nice in my family room.
Happy Holidays!

Jason Hill said...

Wow, I hope you can charge extra for that kind of complexity. You are definitely a craftsman.

BTW, I like using big pictures like the one you have here, but it pushes the side-bar down if there is not enough room. To fix that, go to your blogger account for the blog and then choose the template tab. Look in your template definition for the Content section. You should see 3 widths one each for content, main and sidebar. Content is the width of the whole blog. Main is the part with the post and side bar is the stuff on the right like archived articles and your profile. Change the content to something like 900px and then adjust the main one to something like 725px. Then make the sidebar the difference of the 2. (hint: sidebar width plus main width should equal the content width.)

Johnny said...

Cool info J-man. I knew we sent you to school for something, even though it wasn't that.

Jason Hill said...

Dad, that made me laugh out loud. I just figure I went to school to find Christa.

Carol said...

I can't think of a better reason than that!