Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Saturday I traveled to Lander Wyoming with a group of friends to sing at the Wyoming State Training School. Fifteen of us from Yellowstone Harmony made the trip. Driftwood and Roses, a septet comprised of chorus members is pictured here. We are posed in front of the stained-glass window of the chapel where we performed.
We did two performances, the first for about 75 very lively audience members, there were only about 25 there for the second time around.
Lander is 4 hours from home, so we had a lot of bonding time in the car. We used some of that time to rehearse our new Christmas music. I wonder if Jason listens to "Leroy the Redneck Reindeer"?
Our next performance is a live radio broadcast on a local show, Comfort Food. We have two patriotic numbers ready to sing.


Lori Ann said...

Happy belated birthday to you!'
I wish you all had a gig around here!
I bet you had fun on the car ride!

Carol said...

Thanks Lori Ann,
It would be quite a car ride if we had a gig there!! It would be fun to come out and do something Love and Logic, though.

tabelzey said...

I'm glad things worked out as well. Happy belated b-day too!! Hope it was a good day and I hope to see you soon. Have a GREAt rest of the week and good luck with the future concerts you are getting reayd to give.

wyowoman said...

WHat a nice picture of the group! And the colors of the stained glass window are calling to me... :)

Carol said...

You could do wonders with those colors.